About Me.

Liz Johnson
UX/UI Designer & Front End Developer

Hey there! I’m a chilled-out UX/UI Designer and Front End Developer with a strong foundation in graphic design. I know my way around HTML, CSS, SCSS, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP, and I’m pretty comfy with GitHub, and build tools such as Gulp and Grunt. Need help with WordPress design or development? I’ve got you covered. I’m pretty handy with Adobe Creative Suite, especially Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Right now, I’m checking out Figma, thinking about making a switch.

I thrive on solving tricky design puzzles and love the buzz of front end development. Achieving that final “yes” moment is what fuels my creative journey and inspires my designs to evolve. I’m big on clear communication and customer service, which has earned me a rep as a solid team player. I’m all about collaboration and digging into new insights to keep things fresh. I’m confident I can bring positive vibes and make a real impact wherever I go.

My journey into design and development took an unconventional path—I spent roughly 20 years in the service industry as a server and bartender. The skills and qualities I honed during my time in hospitality—like customer focus, communication, empathy, problem-solving, and teamwork—have paved the way for my success as a designer and developer today.

Oh, and a few fun facts about me: I’m a dog lover, into interior design, live for concerts, thrive in thrift stores, enjoy hiking, can’t resist pizza, cherish vinyl records, indulge in true crime shows, love cooking… and the list goes on! Life goals? To own an A-Frame cabin and a Herman Miller Eames lounge chair.

Portrait of Liz Johnson in black and white